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Aveda How-To | Smooth and Straighten Hair with a Wrap

Help counteract damage and try this fun wrap technique to achieve silky, straight hair. Aveda’s line of Smooth Infusion products is all you need for straight and healthy looking hair.

Aveda How-To | Create Even Waves with a French Braid

Enjoy a fun technique that will create uniform, even waves by creating and then releasing French braids. This style looks great on both medium and long hair.

Aveda Invati Men | Thicker Hair by Nature

Introducing a new way to reduce hair loss* for thicker-looking hair. The new Invati for Men 2-step system exfoliates, thickens, and invigorates.

Aveda How-To | Fishtail Braid Party Hairstyle for Long Hair

Turn your long hair into two trendy fishtail braids to celebrate any occasion. In this hair tutorial, Aveda Artist Jill demonstrates how to get festive long braids with a touch of Air Control Hair Spray and Pure Abundance Hair Potion. 

Aveda Men | Quick Men’s Grooming Shave and Style Tutorial

Enhance your grooming routine with shave and style products that make styling fast and easy. Aveda Men Pure-Formance products are specifically created for men’s skin and grooming concerns for the ultimate shaving experience and add pliable hold for creating any hairstyle.

Aveda How-To | Easy Imperfect Bun Tutorial with Dry Shampoo

Instantly turn greasy, messy hair into a clean purposefully imperfect bun hairstyle. Aveda Institute student Kate demonstrates how to create an easy bun hairstyle with Aveda Shampure Dry Shampoo in this hair tutorial.

Enjoy These Styling Tips From Our Professionals

Tips and Tricks From Aveda's Global Artists

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